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“I have a brand new stalker. In fact, I’m certain he will read this. He sends hand written letters to my mother, it’s great. If Prop 60 passes, my new friend suddenly has the means to acquire all of my personal information


[Prop 60] “offering bounties and inviting frivolous lawsuits”
“Fine print […] raises red flags”
“an all-out war, in the courts and by the state, […] could just drive performers further underground and make them less safe.”
“12 years since a new HIV/AIDS case was documented” [on an adult film set]

SF Chronicle

“oddest measure on the ballot”
[Prop. 60] “doesn’t make sense”
[Prop 60] “invites legal bounty hunting,”

San Diego Union Tribune

[Prop. 60 is] “excessive”
“Perhaps Proposition 60 would be defensible if California had a pornography-linked public health crisis. But Weinstein simply hasn’t made the case […]“
“If Proposition 60 passes, but the state refuses to defend its legality in a court challenge, Weinstein would automatically be hired and reimbursed by state taxpayers to provide such a defense.”


“Vote no. Really.”
“seems like a good idea until you actually read it”
“what we really have here is the daft idea of giving a California porn czar the power to override the state attorney general.”

eastbaytimes logo

“State and federal laws already protect adult performers, who are routinely tested for sexually transmitted diseases … this measure could undermine ongoing efforts by the California Division of Occupational Health and Safety (Cal-OSHA) to improve regulation of the industry.”
[Prop. 60 makes Michael Weinstein a state-subsidized] “porn czar.”


“legal overreach”

“Even both major political parties in California oppose it. So must we.”

“so litigious that even sympathizers are unsettled”


“This proposal is overly broad and creates bad law…”

la_times_logo“Prop 60 would deputize every Californian as a condom cop.”


“poses financial and health risks to the very people it’s meant to protect from sexually transmitted diseases”


“a solution in search of a problem.”


“poses financial and health risks to the very people it’s meant to protect”

“could be exploited by people trying to damage a controversial business or earn a cut of a resulting fine.”


“great example of out-of-touch bureaucrats meddling in a world they know nothing about.”

“The consequences of this inane proposition are severe. The industry might up and leave the state, taking its tax revenue with it.”

“Almost all sex workers are against it, and we’re in no position to ignore the community the proposition would primarily affect.”