About Prop 60

What is Prop. 60?

Prop 60. is a California ballot initiative that violates performer privacy and weakens workplace safety. The proponents say it will protect workers, but if passed, it will incentivize any Californian to sue adult film performers and workers when a condom is not visible.

This dangerous bill threatens to make work less safe for performers. Just imagine the potential for abuse and harassment?  And the cost. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) estimates that it could cost California taxpayers millions to enforce.

Performers should have the ability to choose a condom on an adult set, as well as a host of other prevention options, but allowing anyone with a laptop to punish them for how they do their job is not a California value.

In plain terms, it is an attack on the adult industry. If passed, this ballot initiative will empower and incentivize any California resident to sue an adult worker when a condom is not visible in a film. This opens the doors for all kinds of harassment of our workforce and community, and it must be stopped.

Why Is It Important To Vote No on Proposition 60?

To you: Prop. 60 claims to be about worker safety – but it is really about creating a new private right of action. Under Prop 60, California will become the first state in the nation to allow and incentivize ANY RESIDENT to sue a worker for how they do their job, creating the potential for a lawsuit bonanza that will fill up the courts and sidestep a government agency, costing California millions.

To workers: Prop. 60 will put an already marginalized workforce at greater risk of harassment and violence, allowing any resident to gain access to workers’ legal names and home addresses through uninsurable lawsuits. For a workforce that already faces alarming rates of discrimination, stalkers, violence, and murder, this cannot stand. Adult workers have tirelessly spoken out against Prop 60., as it will compromise their safety and livelihoods. Listen to them.

Keep Workers Safe. For Real.

Who Opposes Prop. 60?

Prop 60 has been opposed by the California Democratic Party, the California Republican Party, and the California Libertarian Party, as well as Senator Mark Leno, Supervisor Scott Wiener and numerous Democratic clubs throughout the state.

Major public health and civil rights organizations such as SF AIDS Foundation, AIDS Project LA and the San Francisco Medical Society, and many more join the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, the leading performer-run organization that represents over 600 active performers, in opposing Proposition 60.

Five of the leading papers in California say Vote No on Proposition 60. Major papers like the Sacramento Bee, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, the San Diego Union Tribune, the Fresno Bee, and the East Bay Times agree that this initiative is dangerous. Even performers and producers who shoot exclusively with condoms, like Wicked Pictures, are against Prop 60.

We are not anti-condom, but given the problems they can cause on-set for many performers, they may not always be the best solution for preventing STIs. We believe performers should have ultimate control over their bodies and sexual health.

10 Worst Offenses of Michael Weinstein, the man behind Prop 60

In the past 15 years, Weinstein has racked up quite the record of wrongdoings against the collective effort to reduce HIV transmission and stigma. Well known HIV activists Peter Staley, Mark S. King, Eric Paul Leue, Mathew Rodriguez, and Tyler Curry assembled a list of the top 10 worst offenses of AHF by way of Weinstein.

1. Anti-Union Practices

2. Paid Editorials Campaigning Against PrEP

3. Anti-Science AIDS Activism

4. Stigma-Fueled, Anti-PrEP Messaging

5. Overbilling of Federal Funds in Los Angeles County

6. Fear-Based Safe-Sex Campaigns That Further HIV Stigma

7. Intimidating Other Organizations, People, and Practices Who Get In Their Way

8. Financial Leveraging Against Smaller Organizations

9. Forcing Condoms in Porn

10. An Alleged Pattern of Criminal Conspiracy. – hivplusmag.com


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