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What Can YOU do to Stop Prop 60?

Adult Performer Rally Against Prop 60
Radio Interview with Siouxsie Q and Julia Ann

Use the #NoProp60 tag on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

Direct folks to donate, and find out more at

Utilize your existing platforms to spread the word

Fill out our short form and show your support on our website by Endorsing “NO” against Prop 60.

Follow the campaign and get involved with what people are saying about Prop 60.




  • Folsom Street Fair Volunteers 
  • Phone Banking
  • Web Design
  • Editing
  • Graphic Designers
  • Canvassing/tabling/direct action
  • College Speaking Tour

Most ballot initiatives spend between $5-10 million on a successful campaign. But we can do it with  $500,000 because thanks to you all  we have such broad opposition and media reach.

It’s 2016 and today’s technology allows us to be heard more than ever.  

Make a short video/post about how Prop 60 could affect you: Lawsuits, harassment, experiences with stalkers, hate groups.

Check out our Resource Center for great banners and photos for your Website, Blog, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, or Twitter.  Remember to use the hash tag #NoProp60.


If you haven’t done so already then join.  The Free Speech Coalition is trade association of the adult entertainment industry.  The FSC’s mission is to lead, protect, and support the growth and well being of the adult entertainment community.

College Campus Tours
Tasha Reigns
Siouxsie Q takes ``No Prop 60`` to the streets of LA
Nina Hartley