FSC: Major New HIV/AIDS Orgs Join “No on Prop 60” Opposition Coalition

FSC: Major New HIV/AIDS Orgs Join “No on Prop 60” Opposition Coalition

The U.S. People Living with HIV Caucus and California Latinas for Reproductive Justice join the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, AIDS Project LA, Equality California and over a hundred other HIV/AIDS and civil rights advocates in opposing Proposition 60

LOS ANGELES — Two highly respected medical rights organizations — California Latinas for Reproductive Justice and the U.S. People Living with HIV Caucus have joined a growing chorus of HIV/AIDS activists, medical professionals, civil rights organizations and newspaper editorial boards in opposing Proposition 60, the adult film initiative.

Prop 60 would allow any resident of the California to sue a performer or producer if they see an adult film where condoms aren’t visible.

“These organizations are at the forefront of the battle against HIV/AIDS, directly reaching affected communities,” says Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition. “They understand the Proposition 60 is not only a power grab, it’s a distraction of resources from communities in need, and contributes to stigma around HIV and other STIs.”

Naina Khanna, a Caucus Steering Committee member for the USPLHIV and executive director of the Positive Women’s Network-USA, based in Oakland said:

“Proposition 60 opens the window to violating privacy of workers and could threaten the safety of adult film performers. Those who work in the industry are best positioned to suggest what would keep them safe. It’s telling that adult film performers are among the long list of those opposing Prop 60.”

Michael Weinstein, the controversial proponent of the initiative, has refused to meet with leading  performer organizations.

Proposition 60 is the only ballot measure opposed by both the California Democratic Party and the California Republican Party. It has been opposed by over fifty local and issue-based political clubs; over 55 newspaper editorial boards (including each of the state’s ten largest papers); over a hundred HIV/AIDS organizations, doctors and civil rights advocates; and the performers’ groups APAC and APAG. Over the past several months, nearly two thousand performers have actively campaigned against Proposition 60 by speaking out at university campuses, farmers markets and on social media, as well as leading political rallies and protests.


Mike Stabile Communications Director, 
Free Speech Coalition