Porn sites block users from California to protest condom ballot measure: report

Porn sites block users from California to protest condom ballot measure: report

October 18, 2016

Rishabh Jain
Posted with permission from International Business Times


Porn sites have begun a unique protest against Proposition 60 — a proposed law mandating condom use in adult films — they have blocked users in California from accessing their content.

Vocativ reported that porn sites, including Vivid Entertainment Group, Evil Angel, Kink, Pink & White Productions and Treasure Island Media, blocked Californian users’ access all day Tuesday.

Californian visitors to these sites were met with a message asking them to vote no on Proposition 60, warning them that their porn access would be permanently revoked if the bill passed.

“This bill puts performers at the mercy of any citizen, including those who misjudge and scorn the adult film industry,” adult film actress Chanel Preston, president of the Adult Perfomer Advocacy Committee, told Vocativ in August.

The adult film industry has repeatedly argued that prolonged condom use might result in friction burn and micro- abrasions.

The virtual protest comes after 100 adult film performers gathered to protest the proposed law in Hollywood on Monday.

Proposition 60 has been sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and is similar to the 2012 Los Angeles Measure B initiative, except that it applies to the entire state of California. One of the 11 items in its “purposes and intent” list reads “to enable whistleblowers and private citizens to enforce the Act when the state fails to do so.”

Another criticism of the proposed law is that it might provide financial motivation to sue adult film companies.

“If judgment is entered against one or more defendants in an action…penalties recovered by the plaintiff shall be distributed as follows: 75 percent to the State of California and 25 percent to the plaintiff,” the bill states.

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